Process engineering construction is in the area of balance between time and cost pressure, innovation and standardization. Machines should be built in a cost-effective manner, taking into account new legal requirements and framework conditions and meet the highest technical standards. AI, new technologies and production processes, as well as enormous amounts of data, or in other words, Industry 4.0., Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are current challenges that can also be found in machine engineering. And so, the configuration, construction and commissioning of process engineering systems are usually very complex projects that require specialised knowledge.

Machine Planning is Our Core Competency


One of our core competencies is the development of test benches. For each project, we develop solutions individually according to the requirements of our customers. These can be research equipment in the field of process engineering, or mechanical devices with which the properties of technical objects are monitored. We can look back on many successful developments, particularly in the field of chemical process engineering.

When developing our test benches, two aspects are particularly important, modularity and usability:

By adopting a modular approach and the use of selected measurement technology, we enable you to adapt your test bench to suit your changing framework conditions, without time-consuming and costly re-planning.

For us, intuitive and therefore simple operability is a fundamental design criterion when developing our test and test benches. This reduces the training time of your employees while ensuring that the test bench is used effectively and efficiently. The control software for our systems is developed in the LabVIEW programming environment. The amount of data generated in the development work of today’s test benches and test centres requires efficient test data management. The generated data must be made available for evaluation and must be processed and archived securely for further development work. We use NI DIAdem to create flexible and scalable data management solutions.

Scientific Advice


We know exactly how projects are planned, created and implemented, and which framework conditions have to be met for scientists to achieve positive results. Our interdisciplinary team supports you in all areas of your scientific work. We provide advice and support in all phases of your project, based on the choice of topic and the research subject. This includes, among other things, the content and logical structure of your project as well as the creation of timetables for optimal implementation and implementation. In addition, we are also happy to assist you with preparatory research, analysing your measurement data and presenting your results.

LabVIEW Training


In addition to the annual LabVIEW course we hold at DECHEMA, we also offer personalised LabVIEW training courses at your facility for your team. The content and scope of the training can be tailored according to your goals. We offer the possibility to adapt a LabVIEW project that we have previously created, or to learn how to create a program from scratch.


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